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ERASM Research

This section of the website presents the results of ERASM research projects. The areas of research mirror the surfactant value chain. Within each area, the relevant issues are identified and described. Addressing these issues, ERASM has undertaken research projects, which are presented here together with the relevant external reports and published literature.

iconManufacturing Manufacturing

Research includes raw material sourcing & fundamental research on physico-chemical parameters

icon human health Human health

Research includes the development of alternative in-vitro methods for assessing the effects on users

icon wastewater treatment Wastewater treatment

Research includes biodegradation under aerobic /anaerobic conditions and ecological risk assessment including agricultural soil

icon freshwater treatment Freshwater environment

Research includes fate and resulting concentration of surfactants in a freshwater environment and their ecological risk assessment

icon marine environment Marine Environment

Research includes fate of surfactants in a marine environment and the ecological risk assessment in a coastal environment