Calculation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions caused by direct land use change and cultivation on peat soil for palm kernel oil-based precursors of surfactants

Report for the ERASM Surfactant Life Cycle and Ecofootprinting (SLE) Project, July 2017.  Liedke, A, Eggers, D, Gruenenwald, T, Mckeown, P, Schneider, C, Schowanek, D, Gonzalez, M, Lehmann, A…
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New and updated life cycle inventories for surfactants used in European detergents: summary of the ERASM surfactant life cycle and ecofootprinting project

Schowanek, D. et al., Int. J . LCA, 2017 Abstract Purpose Cradle-to-gate life cycle inventories (LCIs) for the production of a series of common surfactants used in European detergents and personal…
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    Schowanek, D. et al.
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Master Table SLE for website

Final list of surfactant and precursor molecules included in the SLE project
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