Development of “MonitoringBase-Surfactants: a (meta)database for measured concentrations of surfactants in environmental matrices in Europe

Development of “MonitoringBase-Surfactants: a (meta)database for measured concentrations of surfactants in environmental matrices in Europe

ERASM (, with support of the Institute for Environmental Studies of the Free University of Amsterdam (IVM), has further developed the user-friendly CEFIC-LRI database ‘MonitoringBase’ to store metadata and actual measurements from surfactants in the environment across Europe. This has enabled ERASM to create a legacy of its work, as well as to demonstrate leadership of the detergent industry by providing information to external stakeholders. MonitoringBase Surfactants is implemented in Microsoft Access 2000, which enables all information to be managed from a single database file. The various types of monitoring programmes and measured concentration data were entered into separate tables for each specific data type. Reports of retrieved data were designed for export to Word documents, Excel worksheets or for printing directly.
A list of target substances was prepared in cooperation with ERASM to perform the search of information on measured concentration of surfactants in the environment. The list included the four surfactant groups: anionics, non-ionics, cationics and amphoterics. The time period covered is mainly from 1980–2008. The literature search was performed using the Web of Science and CAB databases. In addition, much data were received as reports or publications from industry or ERASM. The database (version 1.0, 2008) contains information from 36 studies, and over 2000 measured concentration data. The database will be made available free of charge via ERASM upon request (contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).



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